is a web app that makes it easy to get paid for giving people coding help...

Make On-Demand Money* with Your Coding Skills!
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Live Coding Help Member LifeGUARD Step 1 - Become A Community Member LifeGUARD
  • Apply through your Member account to become a LifeGUARD
Live Coding Help Member LifeGUARD Step 2 - Put Yourself On-Duty When You Want
  • Work for others on YOUR schedule, without getting tied into long-term commitments
Live Coding Help Member LifeGUARD Step 3 - Help Others Work Through Coding Issues
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  • Take breaks and work on YOUR stuff on your schedule

The Community operates upon 3 truths...

Join the mission to match the right code ninja  with the right code issue  at exactly the right time

The Community matches coders' weaknesses & strengths on a live, on-demand platform that boosts productivity while financially supporting the dev community...

Make On-Demand Money with Your Coding Skills!
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Hi! This is Eric.

I am not a code ninja...

But I know there are lots of y'all out there 🙂

I also know a novice coder like me would kill for their help when I get stuck in painful coding issues.

I believe there are lots of coders like me frustrated by how much time they waste stuck when programming… including time crawling Q&A boards for the right kind of help! That’s why I have a simple vision…

A vision I’d like you to be a part of…

A vision that will reward you both financially and professionally.

My vision is to connect the right code ninja with the right coding problem at exactly the right time.

That’s why I am working to build a platform to connect coders who need help with the brilliant coders who can help them… LIVE!

It’s called… and it’s designed to be the most efficient way to blast through code barriers. is a simple, on-demand platform that connects coders who need help directly with the ideal dev experts to get help.

It’s like Uber for developers without the hassles of traffic, extra gas expenses, and safety concerns.

Coders get rewarded by moving their projects fast with customized, live help while our elite developers (called LifeGUARDs) get rewarded financially and professionally.

Join me in helping to realize this vision, please.

There are too many apps left delayed or unrealized simply because coders get stuck and can’t get quick access to the best help right when they need it!

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Make On-Demand Money with Your Coding Skills!
Apply now to become one of our LifeGUARDs...