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New Concept in Fixing Code Errors Fast

Every coder has to learn to deal with code errors.

They are inevitable given the thousands of lines of code needed to make software work.

So there I was again, going crazy sifting through hundreds of lines of code!

I was trying to get GoogleMaps API to drop custom pins to show local healthcare cost information to my website visitors.

But nothing I did was working! I just kept throwing code errors!

After hours of searching the web, and attempting fix after fix, I was stuck!

And this wasn’t the first time…


A “Newbie” Coder

You see, just like 6 out of every 10 computer programmers, I have no formal training.

In fact, I trained as a pharmacist and researcher… a far cry from a teenage computer prodigy!

But soon after starting my career in a large hospital, I saw the light.

I was overcome with the awesome potential for software products to do cool stuff… to solve big problems for me and other people!

I started having big ideas about online medical records, online resources for healthcare consumers, online prayer journals, online analytics platforms… and much more!

I got so excited about this stuff that I could barely sleep. I was up before the crack of dawn most days drawing up my plans, trying to get that picture out of my head and into the world.

I envisioned all the cool software products I would create, all the customers I could help… and, of course, all the money I could make.

The bottom line is that I was eager to see my software ideas come to life!

But there was a problem…

I didn’t have any money to pay a team of developers to build my software products.

So I started teaching myself.

Countless hours of watching YouTube, reading blog articles, and scouring Q&A message boards left me with just enough knowledge about HTML, CSS, PHP, and javascript to be dangerous.

But there was another BIG problem…

I found myself frustrated A LOT!

Many times it felt impossible to actually make my software product ideas come to life. The finish line kept moving farther away from me.

The ideas in my head seemed destined to stay stuck there forever!


Getting Help with Coding

You see, as I got into programming the code for my software product ideas, I got stuck at roadblock after roadblock – code errors and bugs!

Even worse, I soon learned the available methods of “getting help” were painful and frustrating themselves!

Here’s what I mean…

Searching the web

Searching the web for answers was cheap, which was good for my budget. Plus, sometimes I got lucky and found something helpful within minutes.

But mostly, I found I was wasting a lot of time looking for the right solutions to my specific code errors.

It felt nearly impossible to find a match between the fix I needed and the answer on the web.

I wasn’t sure how to apply a lot of what I found to my particular project. I wasn’t sure if certain answers were “close enough” or if I should be starting my search from scratch.

The constant trial and error had me feeling like I was always trying to fit a square peg into a round hole!

A single code error could take me hours to days to fix!

Getting specific help

Of course, there were a couple of ways to get more specific answers to my particular coding problems.

I could post my question on a Q&A message board like or I could hire a developer to help post a job on a freelancer site like

But I quickly found these options to be less-than-ideal, too.

Although posting on a Q&A board was free, I still found I was wasting a ton of time.

Plus, the process could be intimidating. Once I created accounts on these Q&A boards, I’d still have to dig deep to make sure my question hadn’t already been answered. I didn’t want a lecture in “etiquette” or a rude comment from anyone  – I have found there isn’t much grace out there, even for “newbie” coders!

Then, I’d have to craft my question with a bunch of extra documentation and links (e.g., jsfiddle, phpfiddle). Ultimately, I’d also have to wait for a response from other programmers.

All of this took a lot more time and effort than I wanted it to!

Even more painful than posting my question to a Q&A board was the process of “hiring” a developer.

First, it would cost me money.

Plus, setting up an account with a freelancer site, writing a job post, posting the job, waiting for responses from developers, evaluating responses from developers, interviewing the developer, hiring the developer, and managing the developer were all things I’d rather avoid.

I was losing a lot of time with all these tasks in addition to the money I was spending on the hire!

So all three options for getting help when I was stuck with code errors – Q&A board search, posting on a Q&A board, and hiring a developer – had significant limitations that wasted a lot of my time.

Even worse, they all delayed my dreams of building and selling software products!


Searching for a Better Option

I needed a better solution to my recurrent problem of dealing with code errors.

I needed to find a way to massively speed up my ability to overcome code error roadblocks.

I wanted to be a lot less frustrated pursuing my dream-job – building software products.

And I wanted to avoid spending a lot of money and time managing development staff!

So I started thinking about a better option.

I started looking for clues within my most productive times building software.

And guess what I found.

I found a person… a helper… a personal advisor… a “coding buddy” in almost every one of those times. I found a conversation with a colleague that amplified my project and shifted it into high gear.

That was it!

That’s what I needed!

I needed an expert “resource” to take a look at my code errors along with me and help me fix them.

But not through the traditional way of hiring a developer. That process took too long and was too much of a hassle and commitment.


I envisioned something much simpler.

A different approach.

An “on demand” resource that was available when I hit a roadblock. Someone who could help me fix my code errors only when I actually needed such help… when I was really stuck!

After all, such a resource could save me hours or days of being stuck – not to mention tons of frustration!

Even better, I’d get my software products built and generating income in a fraction of the time.


Testing My Theory… and My Secret Weapon

I believed so much in the power of an “on-demand” developer, I decided to test my theory.

Here’s what I did…

I started skipping the Q&A message boards and ignoring the job boards, and I looked for a coding buddy instead.

Luckily, I had a secret weapon. His name is Denny, and he is my twin brother. He has a background in computer and electrical engineering and lots of programming experience.

So I started bugging him every time I had code issues I couldn’t fix on my own.

And here’s the thing…

My software product development results skyrocketed!

I saved a bunch of time, felt tons less frustration, and got my projects live and on sale faster than I thought possible!

And I’m not talking about simple fixes for programmers like CSS positioning and javascript syntax errors – although I bothered him with plenty of those, too.


I’m talking about big-time product features like building custom APIs, making WordPress plug-ins talk to each other, creating membership account functionality, setting up newsletter capture and feed, implementing responsive design, building database feeds that populate live maps with healthcare pricing data, transferring an entire site to SSL hosting, and much more!

All these things got done with custom code specific to my projects.

And they got done fast!

I can’t imagine how much time it would have taken me to piece together a bunch of Q&A post advice to make these things happen on my own! Plus, I’m sure I would have missed something important along the way!

I was convinced.

I knew the concept worked very powerfully for me to develop software and program fast. I instantly knew it would be helpful for other coders just like me – coders who wanted to get their ideas out of their heads and into the world! to the Rescue!

That’s why my brother and I founded

We wanted to offer a new kind of resource for people who write lots of code – something much better than the traditional methods of scouring the web or hiring developers.

A resource for those who are tired of the Q&A search burden.

A resource for those who don’t want the heavy cost, commitment, and hassle of hiring a developer.

A resource that would save coders tons of frustration and hours of their precious development time.

A resource that would dramatically shorten the development timeline for coders’ software products!

How It Works

Here’s how it works.

  1. You get stuck with code errors
  2. You visit and open a ticket with our service at no cost – your card is not charged up front
  3. One of our coding experts receives your ticket and contacts you to screen-share
  4. Our expert works through your code errors with you
    1. When we help you get past your roadblock, we only charge you for the time it took
    2. If we can’t help you, you get right back to trying to fix your code error the same way you always have with no charges

A Quick Example

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you’re looking to add a simple sign-up and payment form to your website.

You’ve got a clear picture of what you want it to look like, but making it happen on the screen isn’t easy.

You looked into form service providers, but they charge at least $30/month and often introduce their own branding into your project.

Finally, you found a free WordPress form maker plugin. It works pretty well and you can customize a lot of the CSS, which is great.

But your vision includes adding a payment processing piece to the bottom of the form.

You’d like to make it easy for your customers with everything in one form instead of two.

Every time you try that, though, you lose the ability to capture ALL the fields at once.

After hours of trying to make this work on your own, you decide to open a ticket at

One of the experts receives your ticket and contacts you. He initiates a screen-share and starts looking your code.

He soon determines there is a way to exploit a plugin feature that delivers the user experience you want for your customers while retaining the plugin functionality you need.

Within 40 minutes, he writes a custom API that handles all the form processing in one cohesive piece. The form now sends the form data you want to your database and separately, the payment data to securely to your payment processor.

Since the entire matter was resolved in less than an hour, charges you only $49. Not a bad price for all the time you saved, frustration you avoided, and custom API you received.

Save Hours Fixing Code Errors

Try the next time you are stuck with code errors.

There is absolutely no risk!

We charge nothing up-front – we only collect a credit card number up-front to guard against freeloaders.

We KNOW you will find that the service helps save you hours of your precious time and tons of frustration.

We know this because we’ve been there! We have found this approach to be the fastest and easiest way to get past annoying code errors so we can get our software products built fast!

In the rare case our experts cannot help fix your code errors, we charge you nothing. You can go right back to the other methods you are used to using – Q&A message boards and hiring developers.

So open a ticket today start experiencing the massive benefits of!


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